May 7, 2014

The Carrie Diaries Fashion Inspiration

I am a tad obsessed with Sex and the City. I started watching when the show still aired on HBO, and have the entire series on DVD, which I now watch start to finish usually about once a year. I am one of those people who frequently quotes the show, and I often illustrate a point by saying, "It's like that episode of Sex and the City...." I am a Carrie, obviously, and even had a Mr. Big who also moved near wine country in California (he did not, however, return to rescue me from my pompous Russian boyfriend and declare his undying love for me--yet). Now that I'm in my early thirties, the age of the characters when the show begins, their stories ring even truer.

So when the CW launched its spin-off, The Carrie Diaries, a prequel that follows Carrie Bradshaw in her adolescent adventures, my interest was piqued. Part of me was also worried that the teen-based prequel would ruin the integrity of the original show, much like the second SATC movie did--a horror show of film that we will never speak of again. So it took me a while to actually watch. But Netflix gained the first season of The Carrie Diaries not long ago, and I spent a few days camped on the couch catching up. Verdict? It's super cute. I really like it. It isn't SATC, by any means, and I like that it's not trying to be. It's fun and light entertainment, and the fashion is amaze.

My bestie Alison gave me this incredible mega-shouldered jacket that I debuted during my birthday weekend last year. When I found a pair of yellow parachute lounge pants at Salvation Army recently, my first thought was combining the two garments in a sort of Eighties Powerhouse on Vacation vibe. Read: Larissa Loughlin, Carrie Bradshaw's boss at Interview magazine in The Carrie Diaries. Larissa is queen of the sculptural shoulder-pad and high-watt creative/professional fashion epitomized in the eighties. She's also a wild card and a true independent, and a definite style inspiration for the fierce.

So Felina and I teamed up, and she channeled her inner Bradshaw to my Loughlin for this museum photoshoot.

 photo larissa510x446_zpsb4581336.jpg
Larissa Loughlin.

 photo IMG_1472427x640_zps68ca9426.jpg

 photo IMG_1481640x427_zps67d4fb53.jpg

 photo IMG_1468640x427_zps291c8537.jpg

 photo IMG_1495427x640_zpsaa7483ba.jpg

 photo IMG_1498427x640_zpsfa09d8f3.jpg

 photo IMG_1500640x427_zps68afe02f.jpg

 photo carrie510x399_zpse7d8d516.jpg
Teen Carrie Bradshaw.

 photo IMG_1509387x640_zps942c2519.jpg

 photo IMG_1527640x427_zps153d18c1.jpg

 photo IMG_1530640x427_zps04221de3.jpg

 photo IMG_1534640x427_zps5940a1a8.jpg

 photo IMG_1579427x640_zpscdc31986.jpg

 photo 5pants_zps4c139cef.gif

There's some speculation over whether TCD will be picked up for a third season--I'm still waiting on season two to hit Netflix, and I wouldn't mind a third. I feel like this is best a short-lived show anyway, to avoid running the franchise into the ground--although some would argue that's already been done. Thanks for reading, you're beautiful!


  1. I love SATC!!!! You look fantastic in the yellow on yellow.

  2. Sex and the City is the best. Maybe I should check out the Carrie Diaries.


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