April 27, 2014

I went to the rodeo.

I attended my first rodeo the other night because my family won free tickets, and I'll try damn near anything once. Turns out, rodeo's are super fun, especially if you factor in booze. My mother had a better time at the rodeo than anyone has ever had a good time doing anything. The emcee dug her enthusiasm so much, he asked her to be his cheerleader. Wardrobe-wise, I love a good excuse to dress in theme. I went Americana for the occasion, in red fringed cowboy boots and a patriotic poncho that's really just a blanket I cut a neck-hole in.

 photo 005640x409_zpscbfde94e.jpg

 photo 012640x480_zps5d392068.jpg

 photo 020640x480_zpsbd4f3a12.jpg

 photo 023640x480_zps8fce0468.jpg

 photo 041480x640_zps8af8521d.jpg

 photo 053480x640_zpsfcc22ebb.jpg

 photo 056640x480_zpsf4f27e83.jpg

Thanks for reading, you're beautiful.


  1. Damn - why haven't we met before? you're fabulous! Following NOW! xxx

  2. You and your mom are so stinkin' cute :)


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