March 3, 2015

Spring-spiration 2015: Erdem

If in my fantasy life as an extremely talented designer I ever created a collection, it would be the SS15 collection from Erdem. At this very moment, I am sitting in a cafe wearing menswear brogues and various shades of teal and blue. Also I love all things feathered, leafed, caged, and ornate. The color palette, the amazing textures, the natural themes: Erdem's spring collection captures almost everything about my aesthetic. I want to wallpaper my house in these garments. I want to make that first sheer floral dress my nightly nightgown, that feathered coat my living room rug (and, as it were, my winter coat), that stained-glass frock my windows, and that skirt the garden outside my kitchen. Put simply, Erdem is life.

 photo erdem 427x640_zpsce0auxla.jpg

 photo erdem1 427x640_zpspj1z1dwy.jpg

 photo erdem2 427x640_zpsiuumhwy3.jpg

 photo erdem3 427x640_zpsaicshvot.jpg

 photo erdem4 427x640_zpssiwbswfh.jpg

 photo erdem5 427x640_zpsr2zs1rnc.jpg

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March 2, 2015

Spring-spiration 2015: Garden Party

March, you are toying with my heart, and only two days in.

There's still snow on the ground, and although we're supposed to have one warm day this week, the weatherman is calling for snow again the following day. Generally I'm a fan of seasons and I like to let them do their thing, run their course--I sort of get annoyed when people complain about weather because the weather in Richmond is really seasonal and it just seems to me that winter should be cold and summer should be hot, so what's the big deal? But this year, I am over winter weather like I'm over boot-cut jeans: gross. (My apologies if you're wearing boot-cut jeans.) I am so ready for spring!! I don't even care if it rains; I'm craving warm rainy days that make flowers grow and bring the mineral smell out of the earth. I want to walk to the park and read on a blanket under a tree. I want to sit in someone's garden and feel romantic and wistful.

I can't look at spring florals without that iconic (sarcastic) line from The Devil Wears Prada ringing in my head: "Florals for spring? Groundbreaking." Of course florals for spring aren't innovative ground-breakers, but after looking at brown dirt yards and sooty piles of slush and snow for the last two months, my eyes and closet yearn for brightly colored petals. There's a reason designers do florals year after year--those first early blooms are life-affirming after the dreary winter, both in nature and my closet. And really, some florals are groundbreaking, like March daffodils that poke their tiny green sprouts through the soil and signal better weather is on the way.

Some favorites from the spring lines:

 photo Alice_Olivia_005_1366 427x640_zpsvl3jygez.jpg
Alice + Olivia.

 photo Alice_Olivia_011_1366 427x640_zpscytnz72s.jpg
Alice + Olivia.

 photo Alice_Olivia_014_1366 427x640_zpsfoko96v0.jpg
Alice + Olivia.

 photo luisabeccaria 427x640_zpsfozhnzd0.jpg
Luisa Beccaria.

 photo Duro_Olowu_022_1366 427x640_zpsar6sd6uu.jpg
Duro Olowu.

 photo BLU_0047 427x640_zpsltsdpr6j.jpg

 photo BLU_0007 427x640_zpsxaa2g0vn.jpg

 photo Barbara_Tfank_012_1366 427x640_zpszlgkqcip.jpg
Barbara Tfank.

 photo antonioberardi1 427x640_zpsosvm7gch.jpg
Antonio Berardi.

 photo mcqueen1 427x640_zpswllcv9jr.jpg
Alexander McQueen.

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