April 11, 2014

Black Skirts

I think Black Skirts would be a really excellent name for a band. I don't play music, and my singing voice is genuinely atrocious (not hyperbole or coy self-deprecation), so I won't be naming any bands any time soon. Maybe I could name a novel Black Skirts, or name a band in a novel Black Skirts? Holy shit--I am writing a novel, and the chapter I just finished features a minor character who is in a band. I'm not going to tell you what I previously named the band because now that name feels stupid. I will rechristen the minor character's band Black Skirts.

All of that literally occurred to me as I typed that paragraph.

Felina is the genius behind our frequent blog gifs. Well, it's a collaboration. I set up the shots, she comes up with a great deal of the poses (although most of them are last minute voguing before the shutter snaps), and then she arranges them into delightful sequences and emails them to me. She named the file for this one Black Skirts. She shall have an acknowledgement in my book.

 photo IMG_0144441x640_zps379cfdbb.jpg

 photo IMG_0148460x640_zps696a4215.jpg

 photo IMG_0162640x427_zpsfbc3bc36.jpg

 photo IMG_0165640x427_zps7fcc5121.jpg

 photo 004640x480_zps8cdb4b69.jpg
Madonna lyrics. We made these with 4x6 canvases and stamps.

 photo IMG_0183427x640_zps9b7ef0b8.jpg

 photo IMG_0191427x640_zpsc064dbdf.jpg

 photo IMG_0202640x427_zps788b4c35.jpg

 photo IMG_0226640x427_zps87b2eddc.jpg
Paramore lyrics. We're angsty girls.

 photo Blackskirts_zps6e34434d.gif

Felina and I both bought our black skirts at a giant and amazing Salvation Army in the middle of nowhere whose exact location I will not tell you. Sorry, thrifter's secrets. I wear the ballgown skirt, Fee wears the leather fringe. Thanks for reading, you're beautiful.

April 7, 2014

The Second Annual Fauxberry Hill Horse Race

For years, there has been a spring horse race event in my home town (or just outside of it--it's moved around a little) called the Strawberry Hill races. It's thought of as a spring kick-off event for Richmond, and my family (avid gamblers) has been going for decades. The event was owned by the state fair, which was sold a couple years ago, and the rights to Strawberry Hill were reassigned. I actually don't know if the Strawberry Hill races has even been held since the rights were sold--the venue that has hosted it for many years no longer has the contract. That venue, Colonial Downs, created its own spring kick-off horse race, the Dogwood Classic, which my aunt promptly renamed Fauxberry Hill.

And so we go on. No matter what the damn thing is called, or who owns it, the Creerys et al still arrive yearly to be merry, win money, lose more, and consume massive amounts of champagne. Whereas most race-goers outfit their tailgating plots with coolers of beer and maybe some burgers, the Creerys bring a full bar complete with mixers and an expansive snack buffet. The theme this year was Casino Royale, and I channeled Elizabeth Taylor for my outfit inspiration. I wanted to feel glamorous and expensive, even if my dress was $8 at my new favorite thrift store. I forwent the traditional derby hat for a few feathers pinned into my updo, and spent most of the day in rhinestone cat-eye sunglasses.

Here are some highlights of the day, most of them sartorial.

 photo 002640x405_zps21f0f5e1.jpg

 photo 010480x640_zps80f139b5.jpg
The raising of the disco ball.

 photo 011640x480_zps2ffde87e.jpg

 photo 013640x480_zpsa640124c.jpg

 photo 015640x480_zps24536cb5.jpg
Double-decker jello shot = double trouble.

 photo 016407x640_zps26ce789c.jpg

 photo 017564x640_zps8cd3c424.jpg

 photo 029405x640_zpsa0dc8ce8.jpg

 photo 030413x640_zps174aec09.jpg

 photo 032414x640_zps3e2085f8.jpg
Felina, basically the cutest ever.

 photo 035342x640_zps0d76ffa3.jpg

 photo 042399x640_zps0308beb3.jpg

 photo 050640x480_zps876b6c6f.jpg

 photo 051640x480_zpsc9f11e01.jpg
BFF Alison, adopted member of the family, always in attendance.

 photo 057480x640_zps40e58102.jpg

 photo 062640x480_zpsbfa4f5be.jpg

 photo 064476x640_zpsc7d95700.jpg

 photo 094609x640_zps7999d842.jpg
Not our plot, but oddly we had both of these same exact ideas.

 photo 096640x569_zps88a688e3.jpg
Comment if you get it.

 photo 101480x640_zps37cfb4ab.jpg

 photo 103640x480_zps9f3ebfec.jpg

 photo securedownload478x640_zpsa7c431fa.jpg
That, is a champagne fountain.

 photo output_IwpxR3_zpsadf51398.gif

Thanks for reading, you're beautiful.

April 1, 2014

The Cat and the Canary

I often tell Felina ahead of time the general vibe of my outfit when we're planning to meet for blog days. I'll send her texts like, "Think rocker glam goes to the ball," or, "My outfit for Friday: swan princess boho glam print mix." I never tell her what the actual garments are that I'll be wearing--I like the element of surprise, and I like to walk into a room and present my outfit to my audience, even if that room is the cafe at the art museum where I blog most weeks and the audience is my cousin and blog buddy. We take outfit photos together when we meet like this, and I give her the vibe of my kit just in case she wants to coordinate. And I like that we aren't matching because she doesn't actually know what I'm wearing, and I get to see her interpretation of my wacky outfit description.

Usually, she doesn't actually dress according to my vibe. Usually she just shows up in whatever she wants to. But somehow, our kits always look good together, like there's some kind of cosmic wardrobe coordination happening that you can't really grasp or define, but you can totes sense. That swan princess boho glam print mix? That's the vibe of the outfit I'm wearing in the photos below, an outfit that I was so excited to wear, I hung it outside my closet days ahead of time. Actually putting it on was even better than the anticipation. At the last minute, I pinned a length of feather ribbon from the craft store in my hair, a styling trick borrowed from my BFF Alison Beshai. Felina arrived at the cafe kittened out. When she sat down at the table, I said, "I'm really stoked we're both wearing head pieces."

When I was looking at these photos later, I was struck by the cat and bird dynamic. Also we both selected above-the-knee dresses in A-line shapes and long toppers. Do my outfit vibe texts send some kind of metaphysical message to my blog buddy that align our clothing choices? No idea. But we agreed that this was our best blog day yet, so something magic is happening here.

 photo IMG_0308640x427_zps1f553182.jpg

 photo IMG_0316427x640_zps7cb36dc3.jpg

 photo IMG_0319640x427_zps17692b78.jpg

 photo IMG_0326640x427_zps9615ed78.jpg

 photo IMG_0328640x427_zpsac31c8db.jpg

 photo IMG_0332640x427_zps7c2cf90b.jpg

 photo IMG_0374_2427x640_zps1adc98dd.jpg

 photo 3fees2640x409_zpse9a49c83.jpg

 photo IMG_0427640x427_zps0b544592.jpg

 photo IMG_0432640x427_zpse91c6be8.jpg

 photo BESTGIFEVER_zpscd5b1a3e.gif

Thank you babies for reading. You're beautiful.